Liquid collagen, pills, and powders: which is better?

Hey there, collagen curious! Are you tired of sifting through mountains of info on pills, powders, and liquids and wondering which one either is or isn’t better than another? Well, don't fret because we've got the answer to your collagen conundrum! 

But wait, before we dive in, did you know that collagen is the ultimate multitasker? It's not just great for your skin, but also for your joints, bones, muscles, and even gut health! Now, let's get back to the big question - which delivery method is better? Pills, powders, or liquids?

Here's the deal, we believe it's not about picking one delivery method over the other, but about choosing the right one for your needs. It’s why we should never forget that an individual’s personal preference should always be considered.

Here at U Perform we believe that you shouldn't have to settle for less just because pills are hard for you to swallow, or if gels aren’t your thing either. That's why we offer a variety of products designed to deliver specific ingredients in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible, ensuring you get maximum functionality and value for money no matter what product you choose.

So, is one delivery method better than another for delivering the exact same thing? Let’s find out…

U Perform Active Collagen is the No.1 Sports Collagen Supplement in the UK and is proven to improve the recovery from exercise and injury

What the internet wants you to believe...

The argument that they all make is that a liquid by default will be better absorbed by the body as it easier to swallow and digest in the first place, being a liquid. That sounds plausible, right, but it doesn’t tell the full story…

In fact, it completely ignores important factors such as the type, quality, and amount of the collagen supplement in the first place, as well as the other ingredients within the finished product, plus the digestive ability (good and bad) of the people who they intend to sell their product too.

To try and justify this, they often cite bioavailability and absorption studies (none of which are related to collagen) to claim that liquids are a better solution. However, if you look at the details of these studies, often you will see that whilst liquid collagen supplements are absorbed quicker, they are not absorbed any better when compared to a tablet; the tablet just takes a little bit longer. 

Both will be fully absorbed, nonetheless. It’s then a question of the quality of the collagen peptides that will determine the final bioavailability aka how much of the final product that your body can effectively use. This again brings us back to the question of QUALITY over quantity and delivery.

Think about it like this, you can take poor–quality hydrolysed collagen (long chains of amino acids) and add this to water – guess what, you still have long chains of hydrolysed collagen. These are more difficult to absorb intact and will undergo more thorough digestion making the liquid solution an irrelevant benefit if the quality of the ingredient isn’t up to scratch. 

Products to meet your needs

That’s why we only use independently proven and unique formulations of Bioactive Collagen Peptides® that deliver real results. 

Quality trumps quantity every day of the week. And when you find out that our unique Bioactive Collagen Peptides® each have a true digestibility and bioavailability of over 98%, regardless of the delivery method, you’d have to be bonkers to use any other product. 

How do we know this? Well, each of our clinically proven collagen peptides has undergone independent research using biomarkers to identify the rate of absorption, plus the fact that they do indeed reach the target tissues AND have a positive effect on collagen biosynthesis; exactly as designed. 

So, spend less time worrying whether this pill, powder, or liquid might be better than another and find the right product to meet your needs today.


U Perform Active Collagen is the No.1 Sports Collagen Supplement in the UK and is proven to improve recovery from exercise and injury, pictured here in the hands of a cyclist

Active Collagen

Let’s use Active Collagen as an example. We needed 5g of TENDOFORTE® and 3g of VERISOL® collagen peptides respectively to meet the clinical dose. So, that’s 8g in total, plus added vitamins, and minerals, and a little bit of natural flavour too. We tried to squeeze all of that into pills and guess what…it didn’t work, there’s simply too many ingredients and our customers (that's you) would have to take A LOT of pills each day.

Our next thought then was a powder, but again, this then needs mixing and pouring which are extra steps for something designed to be easy to take on-the-go. And that’s why we ultimately landed on the sports gel. Convenient, great tasting, and great value for money. 

It is simply much easier to concentrate down such a large amount of something when it is prepared in a liquid. And the fact that all we needed was pocket-sized 30ml sachets to achieve this was the icing on the cake.

The end result…

The end result was Active Collagen! A game-changer in sports recovery nutrition and our best-seller for good reason...because it DELIVERS RESULTS!!! Simply 1 gel per day, taken at any time will contribute to the health, function, and strength of your soft and connective tissues like ligaments, tendons, and muscles, whilst also keeping your hair, skin, and nails healthy too! 

Optimise your recovery from exercise and injury with the UK's No.1 Sports Collagen!

Optimise your joint health with U Perform Active Sport Collagen

Active Sport Collagen

Active Sport Collagen on the other hand needs 5g of FORTIGEL® and we didn’t want or need to add anything else. So, it was more practical to deliver this in tablet form. Just as convenient, but in a different way. 

What’s more, with no unnecessary binders, fillers, flavourings, sweeteners, and using the natural glue-like properties of collagen peptides in their purest form, we hard pressed them into handy 1g tablets that you can take anytime.

Now, we know what you're thinking – not more dreaded pills? Fear not, because our collagen supplements are designed to be easy to swallow, and we promise they won't leave a bad taste in your mouth (because there isn’t one).

The end result…

The result was Active Sport Collagen, our joint health hero formulated using Type II optimised FORTIGEL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides® proven to reactivate the growth of cartilage, to keep joints moving smoothly and pain free.

But let’s say you want all the benefits of this product, but tablets aren’t your thing, simply crush the tablets back into a powder and add to your favourite drink, smoothie, food, you name it, for a high protein and completely flavourless boost to your recovery routine.

Active Whey & Collagen is the post-workout recovery supplement of choice of Amy Williams MBE OLY, Olympic Champion, Personal Trainer, Motivational Speaker. She is pictured here in an at-home personal training gym studio holding a U Perform shaker bottle

Active Whey & Collagen

When we were designing our new and improved Active Whey & Collagen, the easiest decision to make was how we would deliver it. With over 22g of protein per serving, a powder was the obvious choice. Simply add a scoop full to your shaker, mix with water or milk, shake it up and off you go. Optimising post workout muscle recovery, strength, and growth really is as simple as that.

The most difficult part of this process was getting the flavour and texture right. We know our customers want the best, so we spent almost 6 months trialling more blends than we care to admit until we got it right.

The end result…

The end result is Active Whey & Collagen. A world first in protein powder supplements. Formulated with a unique blend of Whey Protein and Bioactive Collagen Peptides® proven to contribute to the maintenance and development of lean muscle mass, speed up muscle recovery and improve muscle building and strength.

Available in two delicious flavours (Chocolate & Strawberry), Active Whey & Collagen is the post-workout recovery shake of choice for athletes and active people worldwide. With a brand-new Performance Peptide® BODYBALANCE®, studies show improved muscle growth of up to 61% - a greater result than whey protein alone.

So, what are you waiting for? Ditch the confusion and say hello to the UK’s No.1 Sports Collagen brand! Try our products and experience the benefits for yourself. With our Informed Sport certified range of collagen supplements, you'll be able to move, groove, and feel your best self in no time. Trust us, your body will thank you!

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