Why Active Collagen is a daily requirement

Why Active Collagen is a daily requirement

Read this if you want to know why collagen supplements are the right choice for you 👇

Can one 30ml collagen gel sachet taken daily really make that much difference to your performance and recovery? Well, we absolutely think so… the next generation of sports performance and recovery supplements is here and it’s called U Perform active collagen.

We know from decades of research and experience that daily collagen supplementation can be a game changer for athletic performance and injury recovery too. But often our body isn’t quite able to keep with our sometimes boundless motivation.

We all love to be active and want to continue to be so for as long as we possibly can. Unfortunately as we get older, that day to day strain that we put our bodies through really starts to stack up and can take its toll. Not only affecting our energy levels or our motivation to exercise; but this also dramatically increases our risk of injury which will stop you in your tracks.

Remember, our body isn’t just working hard when we workout. We are working hard from the moment we get up in the morning to the final minutes before we go to bed. We go to work, shopping, school runs and everything else in between.

So, as the UK starts to open up once again post-lockdown, we are going to be getting out and about more and more from this summer onwards until we naturally reach the ‘new normal’ and a way of life which resembles something of the pre-COVID world.

What happens when we become busy? We don’t make time for exercise and recovery like we should. It becomes something we just about fit in instead of something we make plans around like we would for everything else in our busy lives.

Every time we do that, we not only risk not getting the most out of our workouts, not progressing as much as we could; but crucially we risk getting ill and injured because we are just not allowing our body time enough to recover and repair.

Is there a solution to the injury problem?

Injury prevention is often viewed as something for the best of the best only, right? WRONG! Injury prevention and optimising recovery is something for everyone to consider EVERY SINGLE DAY. When we warm up, cool down, have structured workouts and fitness programmes; these all contribute to ensuring that we challenge our bodies, our limits and make fitness gains progressively AND more importantly, safely.

But what if we said that there was a simple, time-saving and inexpensive thing you could do every single day to not only improve your recovery, performance, but also reduce your risk of injury?

Optimising your nutrition to prevent injuries

Nutrition is perhaps one of the most important aspects of our injury prevention routine as fuelling our body correctly before, during and after exercise enables us to train harder and recover quicker. Who doesn’t want that!

This can be quite an intimating hurdle for beginners and even more experienced athletes and it is uniquely personal too. But sometimes it really is the smallest changes, done correctly and consistently, that really stack up to make huge differences to our performance, recovery and overall quality of life.

Daily collagen supplementation is one of those things and we believe we have made it one of the most cost effective AND time convenient options out there right now.

What is collagen?

Quite simply collagen is the primary structural protein of the human body and it's actually the most abundant protein in the entire body. Effectively it's the glue or the scaffolding of the body and the skeleton.

It’s in our skin, hair and nails. But crucially it’s in our connective tissues, muscles, ligaments and tendons; even our bones and cartilage. Collagen is our bodies go to structural protein and it quite literally holds us together and gives us the ability to move freely and ultimately be physically active in the ways that we choose.

If collagen is so important to our body why then is it a problem that needs to be solved? Excellent question and unfortunately we have some bad news for you!

We all know that when we exercise we damage and break down our body, our muscles fibres, skin and joints; in a good way of course. But as part of that recovery and adaptation process, we need to fuel our body with the correct nutrients to facilitate repair and growth, so we can hit the next workout even harder.

Collagen is an important and essential part of this process but unfortunately as we age, our bodies lose the natural ability to produce enough collagen on its own! And we will overall lose around 1.5% of our body’s store of natural collagen EVERY SINGLE YEAR from as early as our 20s!

Therein lies a BIG problem. But there is a little solution and it’s called Active Collagen

So why is Active Collagen a daily requirement?

When a doctor says we are deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral like or vitamin D or Iron for example; what do we do? We take tablet to balance that scale and turn that deficiency into a sufficiency. Our body does the exact same thing when it is thirsty; it gives us the signal to grab a glass of water to top up our water levels and rehydrate us.

Why then should our attitude to collagen be any different? Shouldn’t we all take a collagen supplement to recover stronger, quicker and fight off those looming signs of aging?

Here at U Perform, we take a science-led, evidence-backed approach to everything we do to ensure that our products deliver real results at excellent value for money to our valued customers and ambassadors.

Active Collagen is our most advanced collagen formulation to date. Formulated with 2 ground-breaking and clinically proven Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, TENDOFORTE® and VERISOL® to support and maintain healthy connective tissues, promote skin vitality and wound healing as well as added vitamins and minerals to support our muscles and immune system function optimally every single day.

Collagen peptide supplements backed by science

U Perform TENDOFORTE®, specific Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, are designed to increase the health and quality of ligaments and tendons. Pre-clinical and clinical trials show the positive effects of TENDOFORTE®, especially when combined with physical activity.

A study of the Australian Institute of Sport (AIS) examined the benefits of TENDOFORTE® supplementation over a period of 6 months.

The participants were 20 subjects with long-term symptoms of chronic Achilles tendinopathy, not responding to any traditional therapies and being unable to train.

Within 3 months, 12 out of 20 participants were able to return to running after starting a therapy with daily intake of 5g TENDOFORTE® in combination with a highly specialized exercise program.

The risk of injury decreases considerably, whilst flexibility improves. TENDOFORTE® significantly strengthens tendons and ligaments.

Furthermore, the effect is long-term. The group starting with TENDOFORTE® still had beneficial effects after 3 months!

See & Feel the difference

U Perform VERISOL® Bioactive Collagen Peptides® was where the collage journey began for our co-founders Professor Greg Whyte OBE and James Greenwell.

Bit stimulating our bodies own natural production of collagen from within the dermis of the skin. Within 56 days on average, studies have shown a 15% increase in skin elasticity, a 20% reduction in the appearance and volume of fine lines and wrinkles and a 65% increase pro collagen I production.

What does this mean for you?

By ingesting U Perform Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, TENDOFORTE® and VERISOL®, we can boost collagen levels in the body. This ingestion of collagen can stimulate the body’s own collagen metabolism, triggering the production of more collagen and the net result is that extra collagen is available to support your body.

To ensure you get all of these results and more, we include on or above the clinically recommended amount of both collagen peptides. The end result? 8000mg of premium grade bovine collagen peptides that are clinically proven to deliver results.

Put all of this science and evidence together into one great tasting 30ml citrus treat and from as little as £1.82 per day (that’s almost a whole £1 cheaper than the average takeaway coffee in the UK by the way) and you get a power packed daily supplement that you just cannot find anywhere else on the market.

For even more on the science behind our collagen peptides, head over to our dedicated Collagen Science page or have a look at our Collagen Collection to start your collagen journey TODAY. 

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