Which collagen product is right for me?

Which collagen product is right for me?

How to choose the right collagen supplement for me

Understanding which collagen product is right for you and that will suit your needs for training and competition is key to performing and recovering optimally every day. Whether you are completing your first ever parkrun, an already avid gym goer or experienced athlete, optimal recovery and nutrition can make or break your progress towards your goals.

But before we go any further…

Here’s 3 key considerations to keep in mind (in case you want a quick read):

  1. Bovine over Marine. The vast majority of peer reviewed studies on collagen supplementation are based on collagen products from a bovine source and it is from these studies that the specific collagen peptides we use here at U Perform are based on.
  2. Different tools for different jobs. Not all collagen is made equal, much to the dismay of many other brands who would have you believe otherwise. That’s why it’s important to select the right tool (peptide) for the right job. Each tissue, fibre in the human body is built differently and as such requires a different type of collagen to support them.
  3. Quality not quantity. In every collagen product we produce we ensure that we follow the science to not only deliver the right peptide for the right job, but also to deliver the correct dosage of collagen too.


So where were we…


What is collagen?

Collagen is the primary structural protein in the human body, accounting for a third of total body protein. It’s the glue that holds us together. It is the wireframe for our ligaments, tendons, muscles, bones, cartilage, even our hair, skin, and our nails too.

From as early as our 20s, the natural production of collagen begins to slow down – this is a normal part of the ageing process. What this does mean is that year on year there is less and less available collagen to support the health and function of all the important tissues and structures that collagen is found in.

Add in the fact that our activity level remains the same if not increases, we are creating more and more damage to these structures and without the necessary and adequate amount of ‘glue’ (aka collagen) we simply won’t be able to recover, repair, and strengthen those tissues post exercise and we may risk injury too!

It becomes very clear, very quickly that choosing the right collagen supplement gives you a secret weapon against injury, your proven advantage when it comes to maximising training adaptations and reducing recovery times.

By replacing the collagen we know we lose each year and by stimulating the body’s own natural production again, the right collagen supplement will help you take your performance and recovery to the next level.  

Here at U Perform we have 3 options - each one designed to do a very different job so you can choose the recovery supplement that will benefit you the most. Or perhaps you’ll select a combination of more than one to meet multiple training and recovery demands.


Our bestseller…

Great for… ligaments, tendons, and skin, hair, and nails.


Active Collagen is formulated with 2 Unique Bioactive Collagen Peptides® to support your muscle & soft tissue, while also contributing to healthy skin, hair & nails.

✔ UK's No.1 Sports Recovery Collagen.

✔ Reduce the risk of injury.

✔ Optimise the recovery from injury.

✔ Train harder & recover faster.


Active Collagen is the UK's No.1 Sports Recovery Collagen! Formulated specifically to promote recovery from exercise.

The amount of time it takes for your muscles to recover from exercise depends on your fitness levels and the difficulty of your training. The volume, intensity, and duration of your training also all play a role in determining how taxing it is on your body.

However, Active Collagen contains two clinically proven Bioactive Collagen Peptides® (TENDOFORTE® and VERISOL®), which, along with the additional vitamins and minerals, contribute to the maintenance of ligaments & tendons, soft tissue repair, and protein synthesis.

Daily supplementation with Active Collagen has proven to reduce the risk of soft tissue injuries. Numerous studies have shown how our Bioactive Collagen Peptides® also optimises the recovery from injury.


New & Improved

Great for muscle recovery, muscle strength


Active Whey & Collagen is a world first in protein powder supplements. Formulated with a unique blend of Whey Protein and Bioactive Collagen Peptides® proven to contribute to the maintenance and development of lean muscle mass, speed up muscle recovery and improve muscle building and strength.

✔ Packed with muscle-restoring proteins

✔ Strengthens and repairs muscles after training

✔ Informed Sport Certified

✔ Available in 2 great flavours and less than 120kcal per serving


When we strength train or take part in strenuous, high intensity or impact sports we create an enormous amount of muscle damage and inflammation - in a good way of course - to stimulate adaptation and repair. However, without a high-quality source of protein your muscles, connective tissue and other soft tissue simply won't be able to recover and repair, compromising your performance in the next workout.

A high-quality source of whey and collagen protein is crucial for maximising the gains from your training or activity - especially if hypertrophy is your primary goal.

Muscle damage is the hallmark of training. U Perform's new Active Whey & Collagen with BODYBALANCE® will optimise the recovery of muscle, the resynthesis of muscle and will give you the confidence that you are taking the right product to optimise your performance.

A growing body of research evidence is suggesting that 15 grams of the muscle specific collagen peptide body balance combined with training will enhance body composition and performance.


A great place to start

Great for joint health, cartilage, bones


Active Sport Collagen is Your Proven Advantage when optimising joint health at any age is your main concern. When it comes to optimal recovery, Active Sport Collagen has the potential to support you because it exerts an anabolic effect on cartilage tissue; improving joint mobility and flexibility, reducing activity related joint pain whilst reducing the risk of injury.

✔ Clinically proven results in as little as 12 weeks

✔ Informed Sport Certified

✔ Unflavoured, easy-to-swallow tablets


Physical activities such as running, weight training and team sports put immense pressure on our joints and bones leading to pain, impaired movement, and even chronic injuries. Therefore, maintaining the integrity and mobility of your joints and articular surfaces such as cartilage is of paramount importance for anyone looking to get and stay physically active.

With a unique formulation of clinically proven Type II optimised Bioactive Collagen Peptides®, Active Sport Collagen is a simple and convenient way to manage activity related joint pain by addressing the cause and not just the symptoms of poor joint health and activity related joint pain.


So, there you have it, your one-stop guide to choosing the right collagen product for you. As always, if you think we have missed some crucial pieces of information or if we haven’t quite answered your questions – please do get in touch with us directly!

You can reach us by email (hello@u-perform.co.uk), by phone (0330 303 1995), on social media (@uperformuk), or by leaving a comment down below.


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