U Perform Expert and Presenter - Amy Williams MBE OLY

U Perform Expert and Presenter - Amy Williams MBE OLY

It’s Friday, it’s nearly the weekend but we have something a little different for you today.


It is a pleasure to introduce to you all our latest addition to the U Perform Experts and Presenter Team. Olympic Gold Medallist, TV Presenter and Personal Trainer – Amy Williams MBE OLY


Amy is joining our team following an esteemed career in the Winter Olympic sport of Skeleton and has since become a household name on national television.


We sat down to chat to Amy to find out a little more…



U Perform: Welcome to the team Amy! For those who might not be familiar with you – We’ll hand over and let you introduce yourself:



Amy: Hi everyone, I’m Amy Williams and I am the Olympic Skeleton Champion at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics. I retired from professional sport in 2012 and since then have been part of the BBC Sport Commentary Team for both the Sochi 2014 and PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.


I have also represented Team GB as an Ambassador at numerous Olympic Games; both summer and winter.


I have also had the pleasure of presenting on the Gadget Show, BBC Ski Sunday, the Isle of Man TT and many more.



U Perform: That’s certainly enough to keep anyone busy. But word is that’s not everything.



Amy: Yes indeed. I also do corporate talks, sharing my story and making it relevant to businesses from small start-ups to much larger international companies.


And most importantly, I am a full-time mum to two boys, Oscar who’s 3 and Alfie who’s 1. They both keep me very busy and on my toes!



U Perform: If anyone wasn’t familiar before, they definitely are now. When you first discovered U Perform, what appealed to you most?



Amy: It’s great to come across a product that is truly science led. As an ex-athlete who is now back in the personal training and performance world, I always want to make sure I maintain a healthy lifestyle that supports my training and my life as a busy working mum.


It’s great to have a product that you trust and that I can recommend to all of my PT clients, friends and family.



U Perform: We ask all of our ambassadors as part of our weekly spotlights one very difficult question. Now it’s your turn. If you had to choose, what is your favourite U Perform product.


Amy: I absolutely love the Active Collagen Gels. They are perfect to take away with you, to have on the go. And just the right amount of bioactive collagen that your body needs a day to stay healthy and active.


My body has been put through a lot during my career as a skeleton athlete and now needs all the help it can get to keep my feeling great post workouts! Collagen is great for your muscles, tendons and ligaments supporting their repair and strength building.



U Perform: This definitely comes as no surprise – but U Perform Active Collagen Gels are one of our favourites too!


Mixing it up slightly here. What are you most looking forward to doing when lockdown lifts?


Amy: Firstly, I can’t wait to get my hair done like pretty much everyone else currently!!

But basically, I can’t wait to be able to sit around with friends, chatting, eating and relaxing. Having all the children playing together I really miss.



U Perform: There are some rather questionable looking haircuts floating around U Perform HQ at the moment too.


Looking more long term. What are you excited about? What are your goals for the year ahead?



Amy: Looking forward my goals is to really get my personal training business up and going. I have an amazing home gym now with world-class equipment which I opened just before lockdown so now I’d love to get clients in there and training hard to achieve their goals.


I am also writing a book aimed at young athletes, their coaches, teachers and parents. Sharing all the lessons and tips I have learnt along the way and on my road to achieve my Olympic Gold medal.


U Perform: New book on the way. You heard it here first. We can’t wait to read it. And on behalf of the entire U Perform Family – welcome to the team Amy! We can’t wait to work together on some very exciting things - coming soon. Stay tuned everyone! You don't want to miss this.


Check out Amy's website: amywilliams.com