U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Zoe Davison

U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Zoe Davison

It’s Friday, and that means it’s time for another Ambassador Spotlight. Today we are introducing a future Olympic hopeful…Zoe Davison. Take it away Zoe!



Zoe: I'm not your average Zo! I do an event encompassing 5 sports in one day, modern pentathlon! Tough mentally and physically but the constant variation and challenge is so rewarding and that’s why I love it. 



U Perform: Another 5-sport hero. Welcome to the team! Why did you choose U Perform to support your journey?



Zoe: I use U Perform to support my body through the constant demands of training and life. If you want to be the best then use the best. I have complete trust in the brand’s science and therefore its performance.


Not only does it help me on the track but I've seen a noticeable difference in my skin. Previously suffering from mild acne, I have used every lotion and potion even resorting to medically prescribed drugs but within a month of taking U Perform collagen supplements in whey, tablets and gel form, my skin was the best it's been for years. I honestly haven't changed anything else. 



U Perform: Amazing results! You’ve tried all of our products. But if you had to choose a favourite?



Zoe: My favourite product has to be U Perform Active Whey & Collagen. I use it daily in smoothies, porridge and baking. Not only is it a high-quality and compact form of getting your protein in quick and easy - but to know it's enriched with collagen is a double benefit. 



U Perform: Excellent choice! One of our favourites too…but we may be biased! Looking ahead through uncertain times can be challenging. What are your plans for the next 12 months?



Zoe: After a season of injuries last year, I am back and ready to go. And fortunately, since taking U Perform collagen supplements, I've kept both feet quickly moving forwards.


So, my aim is to get back up to fitness and beyond and who knows where that will take me? World Cups, World championships and hopefully due course - the Olympics.


More importantly though I am dedicated to staying happy and healthy on that journey. 



U Perform: Well put! We are behind you every step of the way!



Are you an active person? Do you share our passion for fitness, exercise and nutrition? Yes - then you can join the team as one of our Ambassadors too! To find out more and apply - head to our website - link in bio -