U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Will Dixon

U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Will Dixon

We absolutely love our Friday Ambassador Spotlights. It’s a great opportunity to showcase our amazing ambassadors and find out all about their sport and fitness journeys. This week we welcome another multi-sport athlete into the mix; triathlete – Will Dixon.


Let’s hand it over to Will and find out more about his triathlon journey…


Starting off easy – how or when did you get into triathlon?


Will: I always struggle to remember the exact age I got into triathlon, but it all started as I found out I was quite good at running during my school PE lessons. I was already swimming with a club which I had done since I was seven and then someone I knew from swimming talked about doing triathlon and I thought I’ll give that a go.


So, I turned up to my first triathlon with my mountain bike equipped with a rack and think I finished in a pretty respectable position which was a nice surprise. Then since then I’ve just slowly progressed and did my first British Super Series race in 2018 which was definitely a step up in competition.


I am now at Exeter University and get the joys of being able to train with loads of great athletes in the university triathlon club. 


U Perform: Triathlon is a challenging sport – well three sports actually! What would you say is your strongest discipline?


Will: I would say my strongest discipline is my bike - as I always seem to make up the most places, but this could be because in the elite races I am always near the back of the swim and need to make up places on the bike.


U Perform: One of the most rewarding things about triathlon competition is the variety in competition destinations. Is there a standout race for you?


Will: My favourite race has to be the Superleague Triathlon in Jersey where I got the opportunity to race in the junior race. I had an absolute disaster in the race being off the back in the swim, forgetting to put my helmet on in transition and then nearly falling off my bike in the treacherous conditions.


However, despite all of this it was an unforgettable experience being able to race the exact same course as the pros and being in such close proximity to all of them.


U Perform: You’ve been a part of some top level racing then and we know you have raced internationally – what’s your best result?


Will: My best result is a close tie between 2nd at 2018 European Age Group Sprint Triathlon Championship in Glasgow and 6th at 2019 World Age Group Sprint Triathlon Championship in Lausanne.


U Perform: Now this is a difficult question…if you could only pick one as your absolute favourite; which one would it be?


Will: I think I’ll have to say 2nd at Europeans as being able to go up on a podium with a Union Jack is something you don’t get to do often in your life.


U Perform: You’re absolutely right. Fantastic achievement Will! Next stop is that top step and we are with you every step of the way.


Bringing it a little closer to home. You’ve joined the U Perform team as you build towards your next triathlon season – why did you choose U Perform?


Will: As a triathlete recovery is vital and seeing U-Perform’s science-led, performance-driven approach to nutrition made it a no brainer to choose them.

Alongside this, being able to support a British brand makes it very worthwhile. You can see the work that U-Perform have put in to their products to make them the best out there and they are always trying to innovate to be able to give athletes like me the advantage.


U Perform: It’s why we do what we do! We know you’re a big fan of our signature active collagen gels. Why are they your favourite?


Will: Having the ability to immediately start aiding your recovery after a session is great and helps your body to be ready for the next session!


U Perform: Mixing it up a little bit. Is there a fun fact about yourself that you would like to share?


Will: Every time I try and fix my own bike I also make the problem so much worse!


U Perform: It’s certainly a fine art for sure! Looking ahead, if any, what are you racing plans?


Will: Unfortunately I don’t have any races lined up for later this year. However, in early September I am swimming the length of Ullswater in the Lake District with my sister. This will be an 11.8 km swim, so the furthest I will have ever done in one go!


U Perform: That is quite the challenge! Seriously impressive Will!



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