U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Vanessa aka @thegirlonabike

U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Vanessa aka @thegirlonabike

For our first Ambassador Spotlight, we would like introduce to you Vanessa, aka @thegirlonabike, a hard enduro rider who’s battled through from a life changing accident.

Here’s Vanessa to tell her story:


Vanessa: 6 years ago, in a single moment, life as I knew it was taken away by the momentary lapse in judgement of a red-light-jumping car while I was cycling. As an incredibly fit athlete prior to this, the world as I knew it changed.


U Perform: What you experienced was a serious incident. Recovery must have been an equally challenging experience for you? 


Vanessa: My recovery to fitness took a little over 5 years with 6 major surgeries and I’m now partly bionic with a reconstructed shoulder and hip. There is not a day that goes by where I’m not aware of the physical implications. From simple things like getting stuck in a tight jumper because my shoulder doesn’t function like it used to, to pushing on through pain picking up a 100kg motorcycle in the mud. 


In many cases, pain is the body’s way of telling you to stop and rest, however once you’ve had significant injuries it’s possible that the pain just never really goes away. If I always listened to the pain and rested, I certainly wouldn’t be where I am now.


U Perform: Can you sum up what you have you learnt from this experience? And what have you done to support your recovery and your body?


Vanessa: The body is a really darn complex thing but with the right love and attention it can do wonderful things. As part of my recovery, I decided to start taking U Perform Active Collagen. Most will think of gorgeous smooth skin and wonderful hair but that's not why I'm on it...although I don't complain for those benefits.

I'm on it because collagen contributes to the maintenance of ligaments and tendons, soft tissue repair, and protein synthesis, so recovery, healing and a smooth working body! My hip, something I battle with every day is ready feeling the benefits. I honestly, don’t think I will ever stop taking it and wished I had discovered it ten years ago!


U Perform: We know our products are fantastic. But what you made choose U Perform?


Vanessa: U Perform was the obvious choice for me! You get what you pay for and with U Perform Active Collagen I know I’m getting an athlete level dosage to give me the largest possible gains collagen can give.


U Perform: What are your goals for this year?


Vanessa: With my 5th hip surgery on June 6th my 2020 goals are to get back on the bike and then I’m going to be pushing by body hard to hit @redbullromaniacs and @hellasrally on my Husqvarna TE 250i motorcycle.

My body, my one home for life, is getting all the love I can give it and U Perform Active Collagen is fundamental to that journey.


To follow Vanessa on her journey and to find out more about how U Perform is supporting her, check out her social media and website below:


Instagram @thegirlonabike



And remember, if you are an active person, passionate about fitness, exercise and nutrition. You can join the team as one of our Ambassador's too! To find out more and apply - click here