U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Stewart Cruikshank

U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Stewart Cruikshank

Stepping up to the mark and the next ambassador to be featured in our weekly spotlight is Stewart Cruickshank, 5x Commonwealth Games Medallist making a return to competitive weightlifting. Over to you Stewart…


Stewart: Hi, I’m Stewart Cruickshank a former competitive Weightlifter achieving 2 silver and 3 bronze medals at 3 consecutive Commonwealth Games 1994,1998 and 2002.


Now as a husband and father of 3 children, as a family we have a very active lifestyle. We spend many weekends away in our campervan by the coast. We are all very keen rock climbers and think nothing of scaling a rock face overlooking the sea. I also enjoy being deep under the sea with a cylinder on my back, finding some solitary me time, the open space to think and reflect.


U Perform: That’s an impressive medal collection you have there. Where did your journey to Commonwealth success begin?


Stewart: I began my lifting career at the Orpington Weightlifting Club becoming Britain’s strongest schoolboy by the age of sixteen. I went on to become British junior champion and then British senior champion for many years, competing for England and Great Britain at World and European level.


U Perform: After you left competition, what did you go on to do?


Stewart: In my capacity as fitness consultant and personal trainer at Bisham Abbey National Sports Centre, I worked closely with many elite athletes and their national governing bodies on their strength and conditioning programmes.


Now as Director and Founder at Zalva, I am finding the time to train myself again, whilst also taking the health and wellbeing of my clients very seriously. At the Zalva Studio we offer strength and conditioning sessions and personal training, yoga and Pilates in groups or on a one to one basis.


As a clinic we specialise in massage, posture awareness and spinal alignment. Recently we have added EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) mindfulness and meditation.


U Perform: It is always great to see athletes taking their knowledge and experience into the community to support people in their health and fitness journeys. Can you tell us why you chose to partner with U Perform to do this?


Stewart: Having known both James and Greg for many years, I have used many of James' products in the past. When thinking of making my sporting comeback I had no doubt about where to go. I have total trust in the U Perform products to support my journey…and my ageing body! 


U Perform: What is your favourite U Perform product?


Stewart: U Perform Active Collagen Gels have given me a new zest for life. Now when I am back in the gym, back in my training zone, and the weights are increasing on a weekly basis - I know I can rely on the collagen to speed up my recovery and keep me coming back for more, day in day out.


U Perform: Looking ahead. What are your goals?


Stewart: My goals are to train hard and get back to being competition fit, with my sights set on the World Masters Championships.


Tune in next week for another Ambassador Spotlight!


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