U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Oscar Wiseman

U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Oscar Wiseman

Up next in our series of Ambassador Spotlights is another Team GB hopeful. Only this time it’s in the Winter Olympic sport of Biathlon. Cross country skiers and winter biathletes are some of the fittest athletes on the planet. It is an incredibly demanding sport and we are thrilled to supporting our next ambassador, Oscar Wiseman on his journey.


Winter sports are close to our heart here at U Perform. We are incredibly proud to have Amy Williams MBE OLY on our Expert and Presenter team. Amy was the 2010 Skeleton bobsleigh Olympic Gold medalist for Team GB. Here’s hoping that our next ambassador Oscar is on the same path!!!


Take it away Oscar!



Oscar: Hi, my name is Oscar Wiseman, serving Rifleman within The British Army, and currently full-time athlete with GB Biathlon. I take immense pride in being able to call myself a Rifleman, and it's something I carry with me in everyday life, whether I am back at work, working alongside my brother Riflemen, or within my professional career as a GB athlete.


My sport is Biathlon, which is a grueling combination of cross-country skiing, and rifle shooting on a 50 metre range. Biathlon has very close ties with militaries all over the world. Biathlon is the most un-forgiving sport I have ever had the pleasure of taking part in. You can be the fastest skier, but if you miss your targets on the range, you have to ski 'penalty loops' which can be an extremely dis-heartening place to find yourself in.


As a Rifleman, I take pride in knowing that my regiment is the best at what we do, covering ground at speed, and closing into the target; this is absolutely what biathlon is all about, and I think why I have fell in love with this beautiful sport. I was lucky enough to of had the opportunity to get into biathlon through the military, which sends soldiers out every winter to conduct cross-country & biathlon training in the mountains all over Europe, including the Alps, Sweden and Norway. Since I got into Biathlon, I have returned for more each season for the last five years wanting more of that race day buzz, high altitude skis, and training in some of the harshest conditions.


U Perform: We are in total awe of this sport and every single person that takes part in it! The demands on your body as both a serving member of the armed forces and a GB athlete must mean that you take care to provide your body with the best possible nutrition to support your work, training and competition.


What made you choose to team up with U Perform and what would you say gives you the confidence to promote the brand?


Oscar: I chose to team up with U Perform, because I could 100% get behind what the company wants to achieve, the science they have behind their products, and also the incredible wealth of experience and knowledge that Greg & James have to offer, not only as people, but as athletes.


I'm a huge believer in knowing that the products produced by U Perform are backed by science, and also the fact that U Perform products are tied & tested by athletes at all levels, from the everyday runner, to elite level competition athletes.


The proof is absolutely in the pudding with U Perform products, and it's easy to see this, everyone who gets amongst the products are always satisfied with not only taste, but also the positive effects that the products have on performance which is absolutely essential, for athletes at every level.


U Perform: Proof is the pudding indeed! On that note, what would be your favourite product and why?


Oscar: My personal favorite U Perform product (so far!) is definitely the Active Collagen gels, they taste absolutely brilliant, and offer you so much in terms of recovery as an athlete, which as we all know, is vital.


U Perform: Excellent choice! To mix things up a bit. Have you got a fun fact about yourself that you would be happy to share?


Oscar: Fun fact about myself? That’s a tough one! Would have to be when the UK went into lockdown (the first one!), a good friend of mine set up a fund raiser for Alzheimer's Society, to do as much mileage as possible, within a 24hr period. The whole event completely picked up some steady pace, and before we knew it, we had athletes all over the world running, climbing, swimming, kayaking, you name it, and we did it. My personal mileage, was equivalent to full Ironman triathlon.


With the benefit of hindsight, possibly one of the more stupid decisions I have made, with no support crew and hydration stations, however we managed to raise over £13,000 and will be something I will forever be proud of.


U Perform: An incredible achievement! Here at U Perform we are always looking for ways to support and inspire the U Perform family. Have you got any words of wisdom or advice that you would like to share?


Oscar: For sure! A personal favorite quote of mine is from a certain Epictetus - "Don't explain your philosophy, embody it" - Which I feel everyone can live by. It’s an incredible way of looking at more than just sport, but also within your everyday life, surrounding yourself with the people who bring the best out of you both physically & mentally.


U Perform: Such a powerful quote Oscar, and one that is very relevant to us all right now as we navigate some tough times. How has COVID-19 affected your work and training?


Oscar: COVID-19 has affected Biathlon quite significantly, as all winter competition has been pushed (quite rightly), to resume in the new year, which is a great shame, however the right decision to ensure all athletes are safe & well, going into the new year of competition. On the bright side, I have been able to conduct training camps, more or less as normal, both in the UK & over in Germany and Sweden.


U Perform: Fingers crossed we get a swift return to competition in the new year. We can’t wait to see you in action! Looking ahead then, what are your goals for the coming year?


Oscar: My goals for the year ahead are very simple! Enjoy my time racing, and just enjoy representing the greatest country on earth, in the greatest sport. And if I can help or inspire someone along the way, then that is even better.


U Perform: Love this!

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