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U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Kim Loney aka @theultrarunningmum

Every Friday we feature one of our amazing U Perform Ambassadors. This is our favourite time of the week as we get to learn all about the people behind U Perform - their sport & their journey.

This week, we are shining the spotlight on Kim Loney aka @theultrarunningmum who was involved in a serious accident whilst out on a training run and is now on the road to recovery and the road back to ultra running!

We asked Kim a few questions - read on to find out what she had to say...

Take it away Kim!

First and foremost, I am a mum to 3 lovely (but crazy!) little ladies - a feisty 8-year-old and twin 5 year olds so they keep me insanely busy! However, when I am not mumming, I play at being a competitive ultrarunner!

You will likely find me out and about running long (roads, trails, mountains, deserts - any terrain or climate, I’m not fussy as long as I am running!) or in the gym working on S&C to keep my body strong enough to deal with the demands of running ultra-distances.

Over the past 4 years, I have competed and podiumed in distances ranging from 50 km to 140 km, in the UK and internationally. After a decade of living in the UAE, running in the heat and desert are my absolute favourite conditions. The hotter the better!!
Professionally, coupled with a 1st Class BSc (Hons) in Sport and Exercise Science (University of Bath, UK), I have combined my expertise in exercise physiology and nutrition, with my interest in improving athlete recovery, and I now own a private sports massage clinic. I love working hands on alongside athletes to promote their recovery and ultimately improve their performance. 


U Perform: The goal for us is to always work with the people whose passion for sport is at the heart of what they do. It inspires us to continue to deliver the best in performance sports nutrition. 

You lead an incredibly active and dynamic life - what made you choose U Perform to support this journey and your recovery?

I am incredibly selective when it comes to sports nutrition supplements! However, when I was introduced to the U Perform brand, it was instantly clear to me that the products have been developed from science-led, evidence-based research.

Having studied Sports & Exercise Science at university, I was also aware of Prof. Greg Whyte and his extensive background in human performance and exercise physiology.

Following my involvement in a serious accident at the end of May, the decision to trial the products to aid my recovery, was an easy one! 


U Perform: We are so inspired by your story. Could you tell us a little more?

Kim: Of course. In May, I was knocked over by a motorbike during a long training run and suffered several major high-energy trauma injuries which have unfortunately halted my running temporarily.

My primary focus is now on rehabilitating my body over the coming months and I am choosing U Perform products to support and enhance the rate and extent of my recovery. I started using several of the products in the very early stages of my recovery and have used them religiously throughout.

So far, I have surpassed all doctors’ expectations, so I am absolutely sticking with the brand! 


U Perform: Our next question is always a difficult one. If you had to choose, what would your favourite U Perform product be?



I know most people love the active collagen gels, and I do too (tasty, texture is spot on & so easy to use on the go) but my favourite has to be the strawberry flavoured active whey & collagen protein powder!

Whizz it up post-session with crushed ice and milk (and fresh strawberries if they’re going!)  and YUM! The recovery dream!


U Perform: Excellent choice! It's one of our favourites too. Mixing things up a little and to help the U Perform family get to know you a little better. Tell us, is there a fun fact about yourself that you would like to share.


Kim: Of course. I absolutely hated cross country running when I was at school. In fact, I didn’t like ‘just running' at all. I only loved team sports. What was the point in running if I wasn’t holding a stick, ball or racket?

I would whinge if the PE teacher asked us to run even the shortest of distances! But my mum kept nagging me to do some exercise after having a lazy 3rd semester during my first year at Uni, so I begrudgingly started running to prep me for the hockey season in 2003… fast forward (too many) years later and now something I disliked has become my absolute passion!


U Perform: Further proof that sport has a penchant for surprising us when we least expect it! Is there a particular moment in your sporting journey that stands above the rest?



That’s a tough one! But I think I’ll have to say the very first trail ultramarathon that I ran in 2016. I had never run on trail (only flat, smooth pavements!!) and never run an ultra.

I decided to take on one of the toughest races in the Middle East; a 50 km through the brutal Hajar mountains in 30+ °C heat! It was super tough but I loved it (it gave me hours of child free time to play in the mountains and only think of myself … practically unheard of in mum life!!!) and I came away with an unexpected 1st female. It definitely planted the ultra loving seed! 


U Perform: Unbelievable achievement! We have a feeling that yourself and Greg Whyte would get along like a house on fire! Looking ahead. Are you preparing for any event or focusing most on your recovery first?


Kim: Because of the accident, my running goals have been well and truly put on hold for now.

I have no real idea of how my bionic hip (some serious metal work is now holding me together!) will respond to introducing running again. However, I’m remaining positive and focusing on my rehab and nutrition in order to make the process as seamless as possible.

My long-term goal is to complete a 7 day self-supported, multi-day ultra race, preferably somewhere in the desert. For now though, I have just become the proud owner of a new sexy pink road bike, a turbo trainer and Zwift account and I intend to get to grips with all things cycling! I’m loving Zwift life so far! 


U Perform: From all of us at U Perform - we are proud to be supporting your recovery and 100% behind you when you get back to your ultra running adventures!


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