U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Jo Muir

U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Jo Muir

Up next in our series of Ambassador Spotlights is GB Modern Pentathlete Jo Muir. Take it away Jo…


Jo: My name is Jo Muir, I’m 25 and I’m a GB Modern Pentathlete. I’m based at the National Training Centre in Bath and have been since I moved down south to study sports performance at the University of Bath in 2012. Since then I’ve been training full time with the British team.

I come from a small village in the south of Scotland where I began my journey into pentathlon at the age of 6 through my love of horses. I gradually picked up the other events and participated in my first pentathlon when I was 14. Since then it’s all been a whirlwind competing and training all over the world, making friends for life and doing my hobby as my full-time job.

U Perform: What an introduction. Taking on five sports is quite an undertaking. Why did you choose U Perform to support your active lifestyle?


Jo: I absolutely love U Perform and all your products. After suffering from tendinopathy a few years ago in my Achilles it was important for me to build up the connective tissue and that’s when I met James and discovered collagen.

Collagen is vital for the maintenance of healthy ligaments and tendons as well as having so many other health benefits from: increasing bone density and muscle mass to keeping nails and hair strong and healthy.


U Perform: If you had to pick just one of our nutrition products as your favourite – which would it be?

Jo: U Perform specialises in collagen and I absolutely love your Active Collagen Gel drink. They’re a great way to get collagen into the body, taste great and are so convenient. I also love the Active Whey & Collagen protein powder; it contains whey protein as well as collagen so I use it as staple part of my diet around training sessions.


U Perform: Talking of protein powder. Chocolate or Strawberry?


Jo: My go to protein is the chocolate flavour with whole milk but the strawberry one is great for pre bedtime smoothies to help with recovery through the night after hard training days.


U Perform: Looking ahead, what are your sporting goals?

Jo: My goals for 2020 unfortunately had to get put on hold till 2021. But next year I’m hoping to secure enough ranking points to qualify for my first Olympic Games. It’s my absolute dream to win an Olympic medal for my country so I’ll be training as hard as I possibly can to try and turn these goals into a reality.


U Perform: We wish you all the best and will be supporting you every step of the way with our Science-Led, Performance Driven collagen sports nutrition.


Thanks for checking out our latest Ambassador Spotlight. Stay tuned for another, this time next week!