U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Elysia Harrison

U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Elysia Harrison

This week, we introduce another of our U Perform ambassadors – Elysia Harrison. Who is not only an athlete but also mum of 2 young kids and a sports therapist. Take it away Elysia…


Elysia: My sporting journey began in my school years as a competitive pentathlete and middle distance runner; enjoying success at English schools and national level. 


I found triathlon a little later whilst on my Gap Year Commission with the British Army. At the time I was talent spotted by the Army Team spotted my talent which saw me go on to gain my GB colours at Junior level.


The Army then sponsored me through Swansea University where I continued my triathlon career and graduated with a BSc Hons in Sports Science.


On graduation I traveled for a while before returning to Sandhurst for the full year commission course. In 2011 I commissioned into the Royal Logistics Corps who were brilliant at supporting my athletic career and I continued racing for GB Triathlon as well as representing the Army Triathlon and the Combined Services Athletics Team.


I also had a short stint racing for the Army biathlon team and was crowned British biathlon novice champion in 2013. In 2013/14 I also ran for Wales in cross county and 10km on the road.


At the end of 2014 I started to pick up injuries and after moving to Portugal to train for Team Wales Commonwealth Games selection, I realised that the world of full time training wasn’t for me. I missed my job, I missed having a purpose other than myself and I missed friends and family! 


So, I continued to compete but more for ‘fun’, much to the delight of my now husband and father to our two beautiful children! 


I left the Regular Army in January this year and retrained as a sports massage therapist and athletics coach which I absolutely adore. It works around the demands of motherhood and I can now live the balanced family life I craved for so long. I’ve also joined the army reserves so I can still race for Team Army and attend training camps around the world! 


U Perform: Wow! That is quite the journey there Elysia, and clearly you’re not stopping there. Tell us a little about why you chose U Perform to support your busy and active lifestyle.


Elysia: Right from the get go - U Perform ticks all the boxes for me and my osteopath highly recommended it! 


My personal favourite has to be U Perform active collagen gels. It’s an incredible product, helping me get through the stresses and strains of motherhood whilst keeping me fit and healthy to ensure I can still train at the level I want.


U Perform active collagen is like a magic medicine! I’ve actually nicked named it ‘mummy’s medicine’ with the kids! Not only did it combat my initial calf injury but I’m feeling stronger, more flexible and my hair is the thickest it’s been since I had the kids!


Investing in myself is the best thing I’ve ever done as I’m a better mother, wife and athlete for it! I’m desperate to get it out there to more active mums. People who will reap the benefits from taking it too! 


Also, it has 100% enhanced my energy levels which is also what all my sports therapy clients say. I recommend that all my sports therapy clients try U Perform active collagen. They are all loving the product and feeling amazing because of it!


Motherhood has brought its challenges and life has changed hugely over the past few years but joining the U Perform family has been amazing. Taking active collagen has made me feel the best I’ve felt in years and all my clients are loving it too! 


Are you an active person? Do you share our passion for fitness, exercise and nutrition? Personal trainer, Physiotherapist, Coach or Nutritionist? Yes to any of the above - then you can join the team as one of our Ambassadors too! To find out more and apply - head to the 'Ambassador' page on our website.