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U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Elliott Grover

After a brief hiatus, we are back with our Friday Ambassador Spotlights. We have a duo of Team GB Olympic hopefuls coming up over the next couple of weeks starting with today’s ambassador… Elliott Grover.

 Elliott joined the team towards the end of the summer and since then has been working hard in training to achieve his dream to compete at the Olympics in Paris 2024. Although he hails from the UK Elliott can often be found all over the world at various training camps and competitions.

The rest we will leave to the man himself. Take it away Elliott!


Elliott: Hey Elliott here! I’m a Team GB Fencer currently training full time at Bayer Leverkusen in Germany to achieve my dream of qualifying for the 2024 Paris Games.

I think like many, COVID-19 gave me the opportunity to slow down, evaluate and consider what was really important. Realising I wasn’t content with just participating in my sport part-time knowing how much more I was capable of, I decided to move abroad to train in an environment where I could make my ambitions a reality.

Leaving my family and career behind I’m now settling into Cologne with an incredible team behind me. I am also super excited to have U Perform with me on this journey to optimise my performance and enhance my recovery.


U Perform: We can’t not support you for simply chasing your dreams. Inspiring stuff and we are glad to be joining you on this journey!

Which brings us to our first question. Why did you choose U Perform? What gives you the confidence to share your experience with our products with your friends, family and fellow athletes?


Elliott: I saw U Perform products being used by my teammates in Modern Pentathlon as part of their schedule for recovery. After trying out the active collagen gels for myself and feeling such a bonus after such a short period of time, I knew this was a product I can trust and feel confident in sharing with my friends and family and teammates too.


U Perform: So we have to ask. If you had to choose, what is your favourite U Perform product?  


Elliott: Active Collagen for sure! And for all the reasons stated above. Great recovery tool, easy to have on the go with the quick sachets, tastes good and noticeable results!


U Perform: Straight to the point with that one. And I can assure you, no fencing related pun intended there!

Here at U Perform, our ambassadors are more than just athletes and we like to mix things up and find out a little more them. So Elliott, two things. Do you have a fun fact about yourself and a favourite motivational quote?


Elliott: Fun fact about myself? How about this…I can't ride a bike!

And my favourite motivational quote has to be:

‘In the end, when it’s over, all that matters is what you’ve done’


U Perform: Wise words, well said! We’re nearly there but given the circumstances we feel like we should definitely ask you how COVID-19 has impacted your sport, your training and your life?

Elliott: In short, a lot! When I was in the U.K, I had no training for 6 months with the exception of home workouts and online training courtesy of P.10 Fitness. The one positive from lockdown is that it did motivate me to move to Germany where there are minimal restrictions and I can get back to training properly.

U Perform: You’re back up and running which is great. What then are your plans for the year or two ahead?

Elliott: My goals are to properly settle back into consistent training to become ready for the remainder of the World Cup season and to really hit the ground running for 2021-2022.


U Perform: A man with a plan for sure! The team here at U Perform are behind you every step of the way!


Make sure to tune in next week for another ambassador spotlight!

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