U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Ben Fletcher OLY

U Perform Ambassador Spotlight - Ben Fletcher OLY

For the second of our Ambassador spotlights – stepping into the dojo…Ben Fletcher. Over to you Ben.


Ben: Hey! My name is Ben Fletcher, I am a 28-year-old Irish Judo Olympian. I fight in the -100kg category and spend my time training, competing and travelling the world for my sport. 


U Perform: Judo is an incredibly physical and demanding sport Ben. How do your U Perform products fit into your training and competition?


Ben: U Perform products are firstly fantastic quality and delicious. But most importantly play a massive role in how I can recover and repair my body after training and competing. As a judo athlete, my body constantly takes damage especially to my soft and connective tissue and having supplements which help me recover as quickly as possible is a massive help.


Collagen has really noticeably aided my recovery time and at the top level of my sport that is priceless. Furthermore, as a clean athlete who is drug tested regularly it is vital that all of my supplements are batch tested for any traces of potential contamination. This gives me the peace of mind that I can take these products for their fantastic recovery benefits without having to worry about anything else.


U Perform: What is your favourite U Perform product?


Ben: I love all of U Perform's products however U Perform Active Whey & Collagen Protein is my favourite. I love this product as it helps me recover to the best of my ability and is really convenient to use after training to get in my post training protein demands. The chocolate flavoured variety tastes really great too. I usually have it with a serving of U Perform Active Greens to maximise my recovery.


U Perform: Two for the price of one. Nice work Ben! Looking ahead then. What are your goals for the next year?


Ben: To grow every day and be the best person I can be. And to qualify for and win the 2021 Tokyo Olympic Games.



Thanks for checking out our latest Ambassador Spotlight. Stay tuned for another, this time next week!