Sunday Spotlight - Raya Hubbell

Sunday Spotlight - Raya Hubbell

After the success of last week’s Sunday Spotlight, we are back again for round 2. This week we are checking in with another of our triathlete ambassadors Raya Hubbell from Precision Multisport Coaching and Race Team. As a long distance specialist and lover of all things swim-bike-run, Raya is no stranger to completing epic feats of endurance. Let’s find out more…

Before triathlon Raya was a Canadian International Alpine ski racer and was fortunate to race all over the world on the ski tour. Unfortunately, she was involved in a serious ski accident and sustained some serious injuries.

The road to recovery was long and arduous but she pulled through to overcome a serious spinal trauma; learning to walk again and having to every day, manage chronic aches and pains. On this journey she faced several other hiccups having contracted bacterial meningitis and discovering a cervical carcinoma. 

And after all this, this is where triathlon came in. Getting into triathlon was her rehab, her come back to sport and it made her realise that injury and illness cannot define or confine you. Raya has been competing in triathlon since 2015 and has competed in all distances ranging from the lightning fast Sprint distance all the way to those all epics and Ironman distances. Securing podium positions at European Championships and Ironman distance races and also qualifying and competing in World Triathlon Championships and the Ironman 70.3 World Championships.

Today, Raya is a full time certified Triathlon Coach and Team GB Age Group Triathlete specialising in long course triathlon and Aquabike and this is where her collagen story began with us here at U Perform.

U Perform are proud to partner with Precision Race Team, supporting their coaches and athletes with the highest quality sports nutrition supplements so that they can all train and compete at their absolute best.

As is the drill with our Sunday Spotlights, we like to ask our athletes and ambassadors a few more questions to find out more about them, why they chose U Perform and a couple of fun bonus questions in there for good measure. We had a little chat with Raya to get those answers. Check it out…


U Perform: So Raya, why did you choose U Perform and what about the brand gives you the confidence to share your experience with our products to your athletes, audience, friends and family?


Raya: I chose to work with U Perform after trying multiple collagen supplements and products and after spending some time with the founders to really understand the differences between types of collagen supplements and the quality of ingredients that are used to make them. Plus they promised me I would look prettier and younger!


U Perform: It’s a nice bonus benefit for sure and our co-founders Greg & James like to remind everyone of that as much as possible. We’re not just about making you feel and move better, we can also help you look better. That’s a winning combination in our eyes.


Raya: Absolutely! I am seeing a noticeable difference in the rate in which my hair and nails are growing and joint pains (from getting that bit older) seem to be diminishing too!


U Perform: You’ve tried all of our products now, but if you had to make a choice what would be your favourite do you think?


Raya: My favourite U Perform product is the active collagen gel. It’s a fast acting way to get your collagen supplements immediately after exercise as a fast acting source of high quality protein.


U Perform: You’re on the money there! Looking ahead, what


U Perform: For our little bonus questions we like to mix things up and find out a little more about our athletes and ambassadors. The U Perform family is a dynamic and diverse community and we think it is important to recognise and celebrate everyone in and out of sport.

So Raya, tell us, do you have a fun fact about yourself that no one knows? And how about a motivational quote? What quote inspires you?


Raya: I have met 5 Presidents of countries in my past career! And my favourite motivational quote has to be “Strive for progression not perfection.”


U Perform: One of our favourite quotes too! To end off, we want to find out what you have planned for the year ahead should the COVID-19 situation allow?


Raya: My goals next year are to achieve podium places at the European Triathlon Championships in, Walschee, Austria and also at the World Championship event in Almere, Netherlands.


Thanks for checking out our Sunday Spotlight this week! Make sure to tune in next week for another!

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