U Perform Ambassador Jennifer Fernando Triathlon Physiotherapist

Sunday Spotlight - Jennifer Fernando

Welcome back to another round in our series of Sunday Spotlights. This is our moment where we take a step back and let our amazing team of ambassadors do the talking and this week we have another fantastic athlete and also fitness professional…

This week, it’s the turn of Jen, a runner turned triathlete who also happens to be a physiotherapist. Jen was one of our first ambassadors to join the team and since then has been one of our most active and enthusiastic ambassadors.

Take it away Jen…

Jen: My name is Jennifer Fernando, I am a physiotherapist and former track and field and cross country runner turned triathlete. I have always loved sport and training but have been plagued with a chronic Achilles issue which has limited how much running I can do.

As a result I would cycle and swim to cross train and this is where I found my love for triathlon. In my first year of triathlon I qualified for the Great Britain Age Group team for the European and World Sprint Triathlon Championships. I absolutely love training and a challenge and now have my eyes set on attempting a half Ironman distance triathlon.

U Perform: For those who don’t know, a half Ironman distance triathlon is a 1900 metre open water swim followed by a 90km bike ride and last but not least, you run a half marathon! Any single one of those is a great challenge for anyone let alone but together one after the other.

On this journey, you will have to put in a lot of training hours. Miles and miles of swimming, cycling and running and your nutrition is going to be a really important of this process. Keeping you fueled, recovered and repaired every day.

We know from research and experience that daily collagen supplementation can be hugely beneficial for endurance athletes to keep them fit, active and injury free. And that’s where we come in. How did you find us and start your collagen journey?

Jen: I work with a nutritionist who recommended I try collagen to help with my Achilles problem. I found it very time consuming making my own collagen products and saw the U Perform brand via co-founder James on Instagram.

Following a discussion with him and hearing his story I started to use the active collagen gels. As a physiotherapist I am very evidence-based and loved all the information that comes with the products regarding the science behind how they work and how they can help.

U Perform: You’ve tried all of our collagen products now but if you absolutely had to choose one that would be your favourite.

Jen: I love the U Perform active collagen gels because they are just so convenient. But I would also say it’s a close second for the chocolate flavour active whey & collagen protein powder because it’s just so so tasty!

U Perform: Two absolutely fantastic products and we are so glad you like them. We like to find out more about our athletes and ambassadors. Information and facts that extend beyond the world of sport, fitness and exercise.

So as you might have seen already, we ask two questions:

Do you have a fun fact about yourself and what inspires and motivates you?

Jen: This really is a fun one… I have a twin sister and we make it our mission to confuse people. And my favourite motivational quote has to be:

“You are stronger than you think”

But more than that, I have to say that Mo Farah is my sporting idol. When I’m training and the going gets tough, I often say to myself 'what would Mo do?’ to help me get through those tough moments.

U Perform: Fantastic quote Jen! We think everyone needs to hear this every once in a while. The journey is always going to be tough but we need to remind ourselves that we can do this and we are strong enough!

The last 12 months have been challenging for competing athletes, right the way from grassroots all the way up to the professionals at the top of the sport. How has the COVID-19 pandemic affected your training and racing and what do you have planned for the year ahead?

Jen: The Age Group Sprint Triathlon Championships were cancelled in 2020 so hopefully I will get to debut with the GB team this year. I also want to do a half Ironman distance triathlon, attend a warm weather training camp with my triathlon team and do a multi-day cycle event too!

U Perform: That’s plenty to keep anyone busy Jen! We’re with you every step of the way.

If you would like to follow Jen’s journey and see what she gets up to in training why not check out her Instagram


Thanks for checking in for this week’s Sunday Spotlight. See you next week for another. We have so many more athletes and ambassadors that we just cannot wait for you to meet!

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