Sunday Spotlight - Chris Pennington

Sunday Spotlight - Chris Pennington

Time really does fly because it is that time again… it’s Sunday Spotlight time. This is our weekly moment to let our athletes and ambassadors really shine. Our ambassadors are passionate about sport, fitness and nutrition but each and every one of them is truly unique and we want to share that with as many people as we can!

This week, we are checking in with Chris who is currently serving in the British Army as a physical training instructor. Chris is no stranger to fitness and nutrition and works hard to make sure all our serving personnel are in the best possible shape.

Take it away Chris…


Chris: Hi everyone, my name is Chris Pennington, I’m 36 and currently working in the British Army as a Royal Army Physical Training Corps Instructor.

All my life I have been into sports and have dabbled in an array disciplines from, athletics, cross country, triathlon, cycling, powerlifting, weightlifting and rowing! I have never excelled at any one sport, but I love the journey and the process of learning new disciplines and being able to incorporate that into either my own training or the training I deliver to the soldiers on a daily basis.

Since joining the Army, 17 years ago, I have had incredible opportunities to travel and compete around the globe, I have also been to areas that aren’t as exotic as you might expect! I have also had the opportunity to work with individuals on the edge of discharge through injury that have come through the rehabilitation chain and made it back to full fitness and to active service again.

It’s watching people succeed that gives me the passion to keep going and help others.


U Perform: We are honoured to have a member of the UK Armed Forces on the team. We know how important it is for serving personnel to be using Informed Sport certified supplements and many of our customers indeed find us through the Informed Sport website.

How did you find us Chris? What made you want to join the team and try our next generation collagen products for yourself?


Chris: I have followed a few athletes via social media from elite to grass roots, some of whom were endorsing the U Perform products. I had to try it for myself! Being created, endorsed and Informed Sports recognised gives me the confidence to take any of the products myself but also recommend the product to anyone who wants to invest in their health too.


U Perform: It’s all about trust. And trust comes from experience and knowledge, both of which we have in bucket loads from our fantastic co-founders Professor Greg Whyte OBE and James Greenwell.

Informed Sport certification is not only about ensuring a supplement is free of banned substances. We’re not all in the Armed Forces or Olympic level athletes, right. The Informed Sport badge ensures the highest quality of ingredients and formulations. Meaning what we say is in the packet, actually is and it will deliver real results that you can see and feel.

Now if you had to choose Chris, what would your favourite U Perform product be?


Chris: As yet I have only tried the Active Collagen gels and the Active Whey & Collagen protein powder - both as good as each other! The taste is great, extremely convenient and knowing the good that the products are having on my ageing body makes it all the more worthwhile!


U Perform: That’s what we like to hear! To mix things up a bit then, if you can, share with us a quick fun fact or a motivational quote. We love learning about what makes our ambassadors and athletes tick.


Chris: I’m quite good at impersonating Lee Evans for a start and I actually have 2 motivational quotes:

“Live the life you love and love the life you live” & “50% of something is better than 100% of nothing”


U Perform: These are fantastic Chris! We may have to borrow these for our regular midweek motivation posts on Facebook and Instagram if you don’t mind!

Looking ahead, what are our goals for the months and the year ahead?


Chris: Simple. Right now my goals for the next year is just to remain healthy and happy.


U Perform: Love it!


If you would like to follow Chris’ journey and see what he gets up to training with the soldiers; check out his Instagram


Thanks for checking in for this week’s Sunday Spotlight. See you next week for another. We have so many more athletes and ambassadors that we just cannot wait for you to meet!


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