Prepare your mind for the 5km run - I can & I will

Prepare your mind for the 5km run - I can & I will

In this week's blogs we have been providing you with all the helpful training and nutrition advice you need to get you ready for your first ever 5km run. But there is there is one more thing we can do to prepare. And we have saved it until last. 

We need to prepare the mind!

If you are a first time runner stepping off the couch and into a pair of trainers; the thought of running 5km can be very daunting, and you will understandably be very nervous. 

Under normal circumstances, one of the best ways to calm your nerves and ease the stress you might be feeling is to complete your run with a buddy. However, due to social distancing guidelines; at the moment you will have to complete it on your own.

Bur fear not, here is our guide to preparing your mind for your first 5km.


Have confidence in your preparation

Running 5km is an amazing milestone and one to be proud of when you reach it. But it is only a small part of the incredible commitment and effort you have put in to get you there. When you are lacing up your trainers, take a moment to think back to all those workouts where you didn't think you could run anymore - only to find that you can. Use that to fuel your determination when you head out of the door to run your first 5km.

Be confident in the fact that all the hard work has been done already over the last 8 weeks.

The 5km might be the end of one journey, but it also the start of another. One which leads you to a happier, healthier and more active life.

Say to yourself as you head outdoors "I can and I will."


Don't try anything new

The key here is to continue doing what you were doing before. If there is a particularly scenic park or trail that you enjoy for example - run there and take in the beautiful surroundings around you whilst you run. You will be surprised by how quickly the time and the miles go by when you simply enjoy being in nature.

Similarly, you might have a favourite playlist or podcast that really inspires and motivates you. Make sure to play it and play it loud!



It has been scientifically proven that simply smiling will lift your mood. So when you are out running and it starts to get a little tough - smile! Even better, for every step you take towards completing your first 5km, you are one step ahead of where you were yesterday. And one step better than everybody else still on the couch.


And lastly don't rush!

A sure fire way to only heighten your nerves is to rush. Plan well in advance when you are going to run and where. Be well rested and properly fuelled. Perhaps even choose what clothing and shoes you will wear. Leaving with you with only one thing left to do...Run!


Good luck and enjoy!


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