No-Bake 6 Ingredient Ferrero Rocher flapjacks

No-Bake 6 Ingredient Ferrero Rocher flapjacks

This is another one of our quick and easy, tasty snacks that you are going to love.

All you need is a mixing bowl, there is no baking involved, so why not get the children involved in making these tasty Ferrero Rocher Flapjacks.  They are a great energy boost, your only problem will be trying not to eat them all.

Preparation time: 10minutes
Chilling time: 30 minutes
Makes 8-12 individual flapjacks, depending on how generous you are when cutting them.


For the flapjacks:
300g Oats
4 tbsp Maple Syrup
50g Coconut Oil, melted
50g Hazelnut Butter (Peanut Butter or any other butter will also work)

For the Ferrero Rocher fudge:
75g Cacao Powder
75g Maple Syrup
38g Hazelnut Butter (Peanut Butter or any other butter will also work)
75g Coconut Oil, melted
75g chopped toasted hazelnuts


To make the flapjacks, just combine the ingredients in a mixing bowl and stir well.

Spoon into a lined baking tin or mould and press down evenly to make sure the mixture is all compact, otherwise, it won’t stick together nicely.

Place it in the fridge while you make the fudge.

For the fudge, again just add the ingredients to a mixing bowl and stir until you have a thick chocolatey mixture (don’t worry if it seems quite liquid as this will set in the fridge).

Pour it on top of the flapjacks and put them back in the fridge for an hour or so to allow them to set.

Alternatively, if you’re impatient like us, you can always put them in the freezer and they will set quicker.

Cut them into squares and enjoy!  You can spread a little Nutella on top of each flapjack and sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts, for an added extra.

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