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Here’s everything you need to know…

We like to think that by now everybody knows who we are, but let’s be honest, not everybody does and if you are new here and want a quick and easy way to learn who we are and what do – then look no further…

Who we are

U Perform was borne of the lifelong passion for sport and exercise of our 2 co-founders Professor Greg Whyte OBE & James Greenwell. In coming together to create U Perform, they aim to inspire and educate the U Perform family of the value and importance of sport, physical activity, and nutrition. Above all, helping others to get and stay physically active for the benefit of their physical and mental health & wellbeing.

How it started

U Perform are the Sports Collagen Specialists and our collagen journey started almost 2 decades ago when fresh faced young athletes Greg and James started trialing the very first ingestible collagen supplement. This came after James suffered a near career ending Achilles tendon rupture whilst training on the running track at the University of Bath. 

It was from Greg’s advice and recommendation that the very first collagen supported injury recovery began, and it was only a matter of weeks before James was back in training, with newfound energy, strength, and a wealth of ideas.

Since then, James and his company On-Group Ltd., have been studying and using bovine collagen supplements to help people and athletes improve their quality of life and support their active lifestyle. It’s no surprise that U Perform has quickly become the UK’s No.1 Sports Collagen Brand.

What we do

Here at U Perform, we are passionate about nutrition and its proven ability to enhance our preparation, performance, and recovery. Whether you're an elite athlete, fitness/sport enthusiast, new to training or simply looking to lead a more active lifestyle, let U Perform be YOUR PROVEN ADVANTAGE.

We produce a range of recovery and wellness supplements designed with the athlete and active person in mind. Optimising collagen intake, protein, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics to support all aspects of performance and recovery. 

Our range of collagen products are also Informed Sport batch-tested and certified for your safety and assurance – which means that every batch is free from contamination and banned substances of any kind. 

Why we do it

Here at U Perform, every member of the team has been or is involved in high performance sport at some level, either as an athlete, coach, or performance specialist. We know sport, and we know performance. But not only that, we LOVE sport and physical activity and make it our mission to continue to champion its almost endless list of benefits.

With U Perform you really are in good hands!

Where we're going

Our mission is to empower our U Perform family by providing the highest quality sports nutrition range to enhance preparation, performance, and recovery. That means we are constantly looking for new evolutions in sports collagen and recovery nutrition and for unique and effective ways to deliver these to our dedicated family of athletes and active people. 

For example, earlier this year, we launched a brand-new & improved formulation of our best-selling Active Whey & Collagen protein powder. Now including a world’s first combination of science-backed, muscle specific Performance Peptides®, BODYBALANCE® and Whey protein, Active Whey & Collagen is a gamechanger for muscle recovery and strength building.

But that’s not the end of the story. We listened to your feedback and took the opportunity to not only reformulate Active Whey & Collagen, but also to relaunch it with the option of travel-friendly single serving sachets and multipacks to make it even more convenient to take on-the-go.

How to navigate our website

We recently updated our website to make it faster, more accessible, and hopefully look pretty cool too! What we are most excited about is the fact that you can now…

  • Shop by Products - for quick and easy shopping and for those who already know what they are looking for
  • Shop by Goal - if injury recovery or immune support are your main concern, you can find out all you need to know here
  • Shop by Sport – if take part in a particular sport and want to know what products are best for you, then look no further

Not only that, but we have also reorganised our ‘Knowledge Hub’ to make navigating and reading our blogs easier than ever before. You can filter by category and even check out a snippet of each blog before you read the entire article.

On the ‘Knowledge Hub’ you can find blogs about collagen, lifestyle tips & tricks, as well as training guides and expert fitness and nutrition advice. Know a topic that we haven’t yet covered that you think we should? Get in touch and we’ll get on it!

How can I become part of the family/join the team

The quickest, cheapest, and easiest way to become part of the U Perform Family is to join our newsletter list. Every Friday afternoon (ish) we send out fresh blogs, links to recommended books, podcasts, product guides, and training advice direct to your inbox. Plus, every once in a while, we will drop a special offer…or two!

Whether you go on to purchase a U Perform product, we are happy to have you as part of the family – although we would hate for you to miss out on enhanced recovery and performance! If you do go on to purchase a product, THANK YOU, it means the world and make sure to tag us in any social media to keep us updated as to how you are getting on – we love hearing from everyone and sharing all your amazing stories.

Hopefully, for those of you who are new to U Perform that gave you a good insight into who we are and what we do. Still got questions? Drop us an email or DM on social media and we will answer any and all questions! 

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