Inspirational Podcast Recommendations

Inspirational Podcast Recommendations

During this lockdown period, many of us are turning to podcasts to alleviate some of the boredom.  Here are a few of our favourite podcasts to help you pass the time in a meaningful way.


The Tim Ferriss Show:

Your first port of call is the world’s biggest health and fitness podcast.  Tim Ferriss is a self-styled human guinea pig who tests the latest trends before recommending you the best lifestyle upgrades.

Tim gets his inside information from the cream of the fitness crop, having interviewed names as eclectic as Wim “The Iceman” Hof to Mr Olympia himself.  

Not only are his Four Hour Work Week podcasts useful, Tims’ easy conversational style and wit keeps the whole thing smooth.  Ideal for easy pre-gym digestion.


Food For Fitness:

Motivation and laughs are all well and good, but sometimes you need a dose of expert knowledge to reach the next level.  Scott Baptie hosts the FFF podcast and supplements his own extensive experience with an array of sports scientists and doctors, all in the name of picking apart your FAQs.

Subjects range from the benefits of single leg training to the truth about cholesterol. If it’s useable science you’re after, head here first.


The Chalene Show:

Chalene Johnson is a celebrity fitness trainer and author who has a sweet spot for helping listeners overcome obstacles to physical and mental health. She interviews experts on some episodes and goes solo on others.

Johnson tackles topics such as birth control’s effect on the female brain, relationship strategies, and fitness goals. She also welcomes the listener’s input and often features their questions on her podcasts.


The Mindful Minute:

If you’re new to meditation, this relatively new podcast series may be what you’re looking for. Host Meryl Arnett tapes each podcast at a weekly, live meditation class she leads from her studio.

Episodes start with a brief discussion and include an easy-to-follow, themed, and guided meditation.


What podcasts have you found inspired you?  Please comment below if you found this article helpful.  Share this with someone who you know would benefit from reading this.  The U Perform family loves sharing ideas and encouraging each other.