How to overcome your excuses

How to overcome your excuses

Here are 3 of the most common excuses for not exercising… and some easy solutions.

In spite of the overwhelming evidence that backs up the benefit of regular exercise for both physical and mental health, it’s estimated that almost half of UK adults do no regular exercise.

It’s far too easy to come up with whole host of reasons/excuses for not exercising. Below are 3 of the most common excuses for NOT exercising and some easy solutions to overcome those excuses.

EXCUSE #1: I’m too tired to exercise.

Exercise increases your blood flow, it also promotes the release of neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin and natural endorphins that will make you feel better and more energized. Even moderate exercise can improve your energy levels.

While you may feel tired after exercise… you will feel more energised over time.

Solution #1: When you feel too tired to work out, the solution is to actually exercise. Begin with low to moderate intensity exercise. Try walking, biking or yoga. Over time, move into more moderate or high-intensity exercise. Exercising after work might sound exhausting, but it will actually calm and invigorate you.

Solution #2: Exercise during your most energetic time of the day. It may help to work out first thing in the morning before your day starts getting too busy. Maybe agree to meet up with a friend to motivate you, and keep you committed to exercise even when you are tired.

Note: Remember that nothing can substitute a good night’s sleep. Make sure you’re getting enough sleep to let your body and mind, rest and recover fully.

EXCUSE #2: I don’t have time.

Besides our busy schedules of work, family and other responsibilities, we fill our lives with other non-essential clutter that then makes us feel like when don’t have the time to take care of ourselves and exercise.

Exercise becomes a low priority and eventually something we avoid.

Solution #1: Instead of trying to find time to work out, think about how you can make time. Remember that some activity is better than none. The trick is to find a block of time in your daily schedule that’s consistently free of commitments.

That might be before or after work, during your lunch hour, or after dropping the kids off at school.

The time commitment can be minimal. Start with 10 minutes in your day. The next week, go for 15 minutes and the following week, 20 minutes. Soon this new found time will become part of your schedule. Walk every time you are on the phone so that you can knock out some more steps.

Solution #2: How much television do you watch? Don’t allow yourself to watch TV unless you are exercising, or have already exercised that day. While watching TV, use resistance bands for strength training, walk in on the spot or do exercises during the adverts.

Note: We all have the time… it’s about adjusting our priorities… make yourself a priority!

EXCUSE #3: I’m just not motivated to exercise.

We all have different reasons/goals that motivate us… don’t use other people’s reasons/goals as your own, because they won’t be compelling enough to keep you motivated. You need to find your “Why?”… why do you want to exercise… maybe that is to lose weight, or complete a 5km Parkrun, or simply to take care of your general health.

Look for ways to find what will work to motivate you.

Solution #1: Give yourself a reward for meeting your fitness goals – a reward that you really want. If you love massages, book a massage at the end of every month you complete your target number of work outs.

Solution #2: Make a chart, keep a log or track your workouts using a tracking app like Strava to help you see your progress.

Note: Give yourself mini goals that break up the overall goal. You will feel a real sense of achievement every time you hit a mini goal, and that will keep you going towards the overall goal.

Remember that you are not alone. Everyone makes excuses at times, the trick is to find ways to overcome them in your mind before they become an action you repeat.

Do you have any helpful solutions that keep you on track? Please share them in the comments below. We love hearing from you, and it’s always nice to share with the U Perform family.