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How to fit exercise into your weekly schedule

So, you’re ready to get fit and you’ve been wanting to make some changes in your life and get healthier. Good for you!

If you're feeling unmotivated however, and you're struggling with finding time in your schedule to exercise, we've got some great tips for staying motivated and keeping yourself on track. And if you're already in a routine, these tips will help you stay on top of it and keep going strong!


You’re going to need a lot of things: a meal plan, workout clothes, and maybe even some fitness equipment or something like that. You might also need a new way to manage your time or develop some better fitness motivation. (Or maybe you don’t. Maybe you just need a little pep talk. And hey, we’ve got one for you!)

Finding the motivation to get out there and work off the holiday season or just get back into fitness after a break can be tough. And it’s usually even tougher to feel like you’re making progress and reaching your fitness goals once you’ve got started. But the truth is, if you make the time and be consistent, you can do it!

Whether you are starting a workout routine or wanting to simply learn how to use your time more effectively to get more done, this is the place for you. We’ll walk you through everything from getting started to staying on track.


First step, you need a plan

You need to set a goal and whether that means setting several concrete goals the important thing is you set them! Write them down on a piece of paper and stick it to your fridge or even create a note on your phone. You must set goals so that you can measure your progress, determine what is working for you, and identify what changes need to happen to help you reach your big picture goals as well.

It doesn’t have to be anything too complicated either—just something that motivates you every day. Maybe that means going for a walk after work or doing some yoga before bed. Or maybe it’s running a mile (yes, just one) on the treadmill while chanting your shopping list backward (we’ve all been there).

Then find the time that works for YOU and fit that activity into your schedule like we would for anything else in our busy daily lives. It doesn’t matter if it means sacrificing watching an episode of Grey’s Anatomy—what matters is that you find what works for you and then take action!

Finally, remember that sometimes taking care of yourself has to come first. We understand if you want to skip a workout because of an early morning meeting or a late night with friends but remember that your health comes first—and always try to make up for it later! It’s easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission.


Find what you enjoy and stay consistent

I’ll be blunt: working out sucks. There’s really no way to sugar-coat it.

If getting up an hour earlier every morning is your idea of a good time, then yeah, exercising is fun for you. And all power to you! But if that sounds more like a punishment to you, then stick with us…

It’s hard to be motivated when you are tired or when the weather is far from ideal and if you’re like most people, you’ve probably found yourself scrolling mindlessly through social media one too many times and still asking yourself why you can’t get anything done towards achieving your goals.

When you set out to accomplish something we start out with the best intentions, energy and enthusiasm but it can very quickly feel like a million things are in the way. It can then feel overwhelming. You don’t enjoy as much as you used to, and you might even start to wonder if you’re ever going to get back on track and enjoy it again.


Find your WHY

Everybody has a different reason for working out. Maybe you want to manage your weight, try a new sport, or improve your 5km run time or maybe you just want to take a few moments every week to feel better about yourself. The great thing about exercise is that it can be so many things for so many people.

The problem with exercise, though (and the reason why 80% of people drop out so soon), is that it's easy to get lost in how you're doing and forget your real goal: making yourself feel good!

The best thing is There are lots of different ways to exercise. If running isn't your thing, try cycling or lifting weights instead. Find an activity that gives you energy and makes you feel good—and then commit to doing it at least twice a week for 30 minutes each time.


We all want to be our best selves, so finding the right balance is key and at the end of the day, exercise is the ultimate catch-22. We know how hard it can be to stay motivated when you feel like working out is always at the bottom of your to do list—but if you don’t put exercise as a priority, you’re really missing out!

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