Exercise Can Boost Your Confidence

Exercise Can Boost Your Confidence

Exercise has many incredible benefits for the body and mind, but we tend to focus on the number on the scales or how heavy we can lift rather than how much energy you have or how you feel. 

But what if we focused on how exercise could boost your confidence and leave you feeling great as a result?

More people than ever suffer from low self esteem and we have all felt it at least once in our lives.  Negative self talk, comparing yourself to others and focusing on the negatives are common traits of this.  But don't worry, there are many ways we can combat this and exercise is one. 

Endorphins have a pretty big part to play on how you feel when you move and exercise.  In short, endorphins are chemicals released by the brain when you exercise.  These wonderful endorphins can make you feel happier and exhilarated.  The endorphins can also help block the sensation of pain so you can keep on training and pushing yourself harder and working towards your results.

As well as improving your mood the endorphins can reduce feelings of anxiety and depression thus having a big effect on your self confidence.  And best of all, exercising for just 30 mins a day can give you a daily endorphin kick and give you the regular confidence boost you need. 

The knock on effects of feeling happier and energised move into all aspects of life.  They can help you to change your diet or adopt some healthy daily habits.  When you feel good you are more likely to be motivated to make healthy choices on what food you have each day and even about exercising and moving.  That in turn means you will look better and feel better, and the cycle continues.

People often express their confidence in the way that they dress and the way they carry themselves.  Having confidence in your body shape and the way you feel will mean your clothes look better on you and you walk with a spring in your step.  People will notice and may very well compliment you and although you don’t need anyone else’s approval, it can be one of the biggest confidence boosts!

Stepping outside your comfort zone in the gym or doing an exercise that you didn't think you could do will give you the confidence to try new things outside of exercise.  When you feel happy you are more likely to be social, try new things and meet new people.  Exercise often brings people together, meeting new people at a run club, gym or sports team will help you make more social connections that have a positive effect on your life.

Whether you exercise regularly or are new to it, it's about setting goals.  That might be to walk one mile twice a week or to stick to a regime of exercising 4 times a week.  When you achieve that goal and are successful that has an extremely positive effect on the mind and drives you to achieve in all aspects of life.  When you have control over the way you look and feel it is incredibly empowering!

Sleep is such an important time for the body to recover and repair.  Not enough sleep or poor quality sleep can leave you lethargic and unmotivated as well as having effects on how you perform in a mental capacity.  Taking part in regular physical activity is known to have positive effects on your sleep patterns.  Better sleep = better recovery and better performance in all aspects of day to day life.

If you are firing on all cylinders you will feel great and perform better at work with increased concentration.  When you perform well and get recognised for that work or in your personal life this is a great confidence boost and will keep you motivated to continue with your fitness regime.  

There are so few things in the current climate that we can actually be in control of, but exercise is one of them.  Empower yourself by taking control of your health and fitness while you have the time.  We have a unique opportunity where we have time and so many resources available to us, for free, online that we can move with.  Yoga, cardio workouts, mindfulness workshops, nutrition support to name but a few.  At the end of the lockdown period you could have created some positive habits that will be sustainable for life.  Imagine leaving lockdown feeling great, looking great and ready to tackle the world with confidence...

Increased brain power

Mind set

Weight control

Good for the heart

Feel better

Look better

Move better

Clothes fit differently

Achieving goals.


Arron Collins-Thomas

Founder of TONIQ

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