Ask the Ambassadors | Round 3

Ask the Ambassadors | Round 3

We are absolutely loving our new weekly blog series ‘Ask the Ambassadors’ and we hope you are too! If you have any questions that you would like us to ask our ambassadors, or a question for us; leave them in the comments section below 👇

Our goal is to let the ambassadors really do the talking and for us to find out what they think about being a U Perform ambassador. And why you should apply to join…if you haven’t already!

This week we ask our ambassadors one very simple but important question and it’s something that the team behind U Perform are always keen to find out. It’s over to you then team!


Why did you choose U Perform?


“My osteopath recommended I try U Perform active collagen for an injury - it worked like magic so I applied to become an ambassador”
“The product works and comes with credence from my friend Prof. Greg Whyte OBE”
“Great products”
“To support my recovery following hip surgery”
“I’ve always been a big believer in research backing every decision you make in sport and that’s why I studied sports performance at university. Hearing about a company that provides collagen products backed by science and Informed Sport certified made me want to jump on board instantly”
“To use the best specific food supplements out there to support my recovery and performance”
“Great products that my friends like”
“I have known U Perform co-founders Greg and James for many years and feel that they offer the best products on the market”
“Great recommendations from other fitness professionals”
“Collagen is important. Prof. Greg Whyte being a co-founder made me feel confident it was a worthwhile interest”
“I have struggled on and off with injuries for a number of years now. After meeting co-founder James Greenwell and being introduced to collagen I knew it was worth a shot. Knowing that all their products are backed by real science and Prof. Greg Whyte made that decision even easier. I now couldn't imagine not taking collagen as part of my training and nutrition routine. The products really work and give me the confidence to continue pushing my body every day to achieve my goals”
“I chose it because I know Prof. Greg and I believe in his knowledge and recommendation and require collagen for my recovery”
“Top quality performance nutrition, particularly in recovery”
“Long-time relationship with the team behind U Perform”
“Quality products and great service. No brainer really”


Some top drawer answers once again! Thank you team! It’s clear that our co-founders Greg & James have played a massive part in developing confidence for the brand. They’ll love that!


If we have peaked your interest this week. Why not check out the rest of our website for more information about our products and our ambassador program.


Here at U Perform we are a passionate about nutrition, exercise and the proven ability of both to improve our quality of life. We want to share this passion with anyone and everyone we can. And that’s where you could come in…

We would love for you to join us on this journey and become part of the U Perform family and help us spread the word not only about our products but also how amazing health and fitness is for EVERYONE!


Are you an active person? Do you share our passion for fitness, exercise and nutrition? Personal trainer, Physiotherapist, Coach or Nutritionist?

Yes to any of the above - then you can join the team as one of our Ambassadors too!

To find out more and apply - head to the 'Become an Ambassador' page on our website. We can’t wait to hear from you and welcome you to the team!