Ask the Ambassadors | Round 2

Ask the Ambassadors | Round 2

 Ding ding!

There goes the bell. And that means it's time for round 2 of our new weekly blog series; 'Ask the Ambassadors'

It's all well and good us talking about our ambassador program. But we think it is so important to let our ambassadors do the talking.

We reached out to our current (but rapidly growing) team of ambassadors recently with a few questions that we get asked a lot by our social media followers, customers and prospective ambassadors too.

The purpose was to not only help us to help them get the very best experience possible but also to help show everyone why joining our ambassador program is the right thing to do and also why our ambassador program above anybody else’s is the right one for YOU!

Every week we will be the sharing answers to one of our survey questions from the awesome ambassadors who took part. So huge thank you to the team once again! You deserve a good round of applause for being so enthusiastic and honest.

Last week we asked the U Perform family what gives them the confidence to promote U Perform to their audience or social media and even to their friends and family. If you didn’t get chance to read their answers – click here now


This week we want dig a little deeper and find out a bit more about our ambassadors themselves. Our ambassadors come from a variety of sporting backgrounds. We are proud to support some of the world’s best professional athletes but also equally proud to support others too. Whether they are a regular gym goer, fitness fanatic, age group competitor and those who are just starting out on their fitness journey. The U Perform family really is for everyone!

So without further ado. Here’s your second question team:


U Perform is all about getting people active and keeping fit. What is it that motivates you personally?


“I’ve always kept fit through an athletics and triathlon career and now I keep fit and healthy around the children. I’m motivated by feeling great - if I don’t exercise I don’t feel great”
“To provide a solution that I believe in to ensure more people get and stay healthy and fit”
“Personal motivation for fitness... health is so important, and I like to challenge myself, so climbing mountains and training for it challenges body and mind. For my clients, I love seeing their progress and them enjoying the journey and results”
“I am driven by my client’s results”
“The commitment to my sport and also seeing my body shape change. Plus I love the feeling after a hard workout or after achieving a PB”
“Striving for personal development, improving my performance and proving that girls can do extreme enduro too. I want to motivate others to get up and give things a shot too”
“Represent GB internationally”
“Staying fit, well and healthy as I get older”
“I compete in the sport of triathlon and I absolutely love the competitive side of it. But I also love just getting out there and being active and keeping fit and healthy. It's so important for us physically and mentally and I couldn't imagine doing anything else”
“Staying fit myself but helping other achieve their goals”
“I love pushing myself and finding my routine. That helped me so much through lockdown. Setting goals, even just consistency ones really drives me”
“I am a former Commonwealth weightlifting medalist and sport has always been my life. I have a young family and I need to stay in good shape to keep up with them. I still get a buzz from training and I love helping people other achieve their goals”
“I work in the industry and I am a sports scientist and fitness equipment sales expert. My goal is to complete an Ironman by the age of 50 (I am 47)”
“My Olympic journey”

We are inspired just from reading these! What motivates you? We would love to know. Let us know in the comments below. Please share this with anyone who you think would benefit from reading this blog. The U Perform family loves sharing ideas and encouraging each other.

Tune in next week for Round 3. See you then!


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