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Introducing Proto-col

Mother’s Day is a special time for us all and to help the U Perform family celebrate Mother’s Day we are bringing something a little bit different… to do this we have teamed up with our sister brand Proto-col to offer you and your mums something extra special this year.

Up until 10th March, every time you spend £50 or more with us here at U Perform, you will receive a selection of Proto-col’s bestselling beauty and skincare products absolutely FREE.

Treat your mum…or even yourself this Mother’s Day!

Before you get spending and receiving your special gifts we thought we should introduce our friends over at Proto-col and why we are so excited to share their amazing products with all the amazing mums out there…


Proto-col have been in the beauty and skincare industry for almost 2 decades and it was actually started way back in 2003 by U Perform co-founder James Greenwell. It is on this journey, that James discovered collagen and the amazing benefits it has in the human body, and ultimately this is where the U Perform journey started too.

The Proto-col range was born in 2003 out of James’ personal experience. Competing in international modern pentathlon (where he first met his good friend Professor Greg Whyte OBE), James ruptured his Achilles tendon late in his career.

A freak accident during a run session with his GB teammates almost put a stop to James’ career. His doctor’s and specialists at the time weren’t confident that he could return to the highest levels of sport again… but he did.

Frustrated by the lack of options available to help him with a speedy recovery, James decided to search for his own method.

After speaking to his good friend and teammate Greg Whyte, who at the time was already a world leader in applied sports science, together they discovered a brand new collagen peptide produced by a company in Germany.


Collagen had never been tested in athletes before but the potential was clear and it became instrumental to his injury recovery… In just 21 days James was back on his feet and performing better than ever.

Inspired by the ground-breaking effects of collagen, James decided to further his research and realised the benefits collagen brings to the beauty world... achieving youthful skin, strong hair and fast nail growth.

After retiring from elite sport, he launched the Proto-col brand with a collagen supplement and a wealth of ideas.

Working day and night from his bedroom, the very first British collagen product has since then become one of the UK's bestsellers and can now be found all over the world!

Fast forward 18 years, James is now hitting new personal bests every day while helping others to achieve the results they need to move well and feel great. And Proto-col?

Well, Proto-col has continuously grown from the spare bedroom, to offices full of departments from marketing and design to international trade and sales. While some faces have remained the same over the 18 years, many new ones have also brought talent and progression.

At Proto-col, we know how important it is for young talent to be spotted and nurtured in the early stages of their careers. Creating new opportunities for apprentices, interns and young people ready to learn is something we feel passionate about.

Innovation and results are in their DNA and that’s why we want to share some of Proto-col’s skincare heroes with all the amazing mums out there…

So, up until 10th March, every time you spend £50 or more with us here at U Perform, you will receive a selection of Proto-col’s bestselling beauty and skincare products absolutely FREE.

Stay tuned to find out a little more about Proto-col and their amazing range of beauty & skincare products – the perfect extra gift this Mother’s Day! Make sure to order by 2pm Thursday 10th March for guaranteed delivery before the big day.

Treat your mum…or even yourself this Mother’s Day! Receive over £XX worth of Proto-col beauty and skincare products absolutely FREE when you spend over £50 on your U Perform sports nutrition.

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