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U Perform & Yonda special offer

U Perform is proud to be teaming up with Yonda and bringing you this Exclusive offer! Get 20% OFF this exclusive Yonda bundle!

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As you know, Yonda is a family run business based in Huddersfield, West Yorkshire, and they are proud of their reputation for providing a truly personal service. Their mission is to inform, educate, assist and support YOUR spirit of adventure in all things swimming, cycling and running.

Angus’s love for sport and everything that goes into training, competing, and preparation, means that he is always looking for ways to team up with industry experts, enabling him to bring you the best deals and helping you to perform at your best.

U Perform is targeted at optimising your nutrition, optimising your performance & more importantly optimising your quality of life, so we jumped at the chance to team up with Yonda.

This exclusive offer has our signature product - Active Collagen - a science-led, evidence-based formulation containing 2 Bioactive Collagen Peptides® that contribute to the maintenance of ligaments and tendons, soft tissue repair, and protein synthesis.

U Perform collagen helps you to recover faster from training, reduce soft tissue injuries and perform at your very best. Feel the difference - Get your exclusive bundle now!

This bundle also includes two of our bestselling products - Active Sport Collagen & Active Vitamin D3 - formulated to keep your body active and healthy.

Several different types of cells in the body, including immune cells, contain the receptor for Vitamin D, which means they can respond to Vitamin D molecules, triggering different reactions in the body.

No wonder Vitamin D can affect so many aspects of health including bone health, cardiovascular health, immunity, autoimmune disease, type I diabetes, and mental health.

james greenwell CEO U Perform

As you can see from the image above our team here at U Perform also love Yonda products. James Greenwell is the CEO & Co-Founder of U Perform, and an Age Group World & European Champion in Biathle & Triathle. Ben Sommerville works in our customer & Ambassador services team, he is also an Elite Age Group Triathlete.

We are passionate about sport and performance here at U Perform... our products are created out of that passion.

Take advantage of this amazing offer.

Whether you're an occasional triathlete, runner, cyclist or swimmer, a real enthusiast or full-time athlete... you should consider recovery as an essential part of your training.

Supplementing with U Perform collagen can help speed up the process of recovery, reduce your risk of injury and improve your overall performance.